Welcome to our Veterinary Hospital

3e3549281a2b7366c24624dfa5dbe0f4_nj6r_e9ysPets love us! So will you!

Our approach to the care of your pet is to focus on the fact that your pet is a member of your family. As such they are entitled to the highest standard of medical care possible as well as a sincere understanding of the special place your pet holds in your heart. We have dedicated ourselves to employing the science and art of veterinary medicine tempered with love of animals to you and your pet.

It’s not a business, it’s a lifestyle.

Service is the key to any practice’s success. So we feel strongly that your needs must be provided for in a timely fashion, but more importantly that you fully understand the why and how to provide for those needs. In providing your pet’s immediate and long-term needs, we attain the goal of “service above all others.”

We want to see you!

Come by and see why Deep River Veterinary Hospital is the best and most unique in the area. You can find us at our convenient location off of Wendover Avenue near the Pallidium. On your first visit you will realize how relaxing the atmosphere is and see our pastoral landscaped land and passive solar architecture.

If you are looking for a family like atmosphere and home town feel, Deep River Veterinary Hospital is the place for your pets. We look forward to seeing you soon!